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monday 20/7/2009
totally aint a GOOD day

im here to thanks everyone who comforted me,support me
thanks alot alot..i appreciate it

superb awesome day

<3 and yes i totally love today..although it was boring at school but the jokes between and jenn was never bored hahah laugh like shit..do econs like so dam serious?lols..went makmal helped teacher for distributing numbers and all..lols thx meng yee for giving me and leng a great help indeed.=D

hahah after school went meeting and yes..1 thing i dont like bout today..SCHOOL BAG IS FREAKING HEAVY SUCK lol..we totally dont know where the prefect meeting is held so we went up and down omg dam suffer! lolsss just because of my bag=( alright.found leng and off we go
the driver of today:HOW EE LENG aka ALL IS ON XD

lol hahahha nt bad lahh but cant distract her much and ok i promise i'll stop laughing like shit lol.went dpc for steamboat..burn a hole in my pocket=(..nvm jess is the queen today so well xDD bow to your highness xDD

shiit getting fatter also! lols..

dont care later on spent time with him hahahah..
lol went turning around kepong area nothing much and yes i do love today hahahah..crap alot joke alot laugh alot=)
looks like today is nt a bad day after all..*smiles*

lolssss dont know what to post

they said today's gonna have electricity cut..and hello??tarak punya?=.= so stupid.

hm ok birthday passed for like 1 or 2 weeks dy hahaha..and i baru only wanna post it up hahaha.lazy=X bo bian=(

lols ckt,meng yee,and dear jess all planned suprised birthday party for me for like 16 days earlier?OMG lols..but really thx=)

its stil in my memory=)..1st suprise failed hahaah..u guys cant erase my memory lols..okay lah but thx ur 2nd suprise works lol..

real birthday lol.nothing much.went and watched transformers,and dear thx for the suprise u gave=) hugs*

and yes omg.cut the cake with the candles on it!dumbnya~
all come play me by taking pic==!!each of everyone of them took their phone out and aim me=(

kesannya..:tak boleh makan dahhhh~

hahah yes and it's jenn's birthday that day..she draw this on my hand and i draw my happt birthday on her hand..=) too free ^^

and fruit cake.by family

haahah free combo
and free ticketsss

after movies..i sedang sesat when my cous call me take pic with her @.@

to my dear:

jyjy in doing your asssignments!!

NO STRESSS allowed=)

*super short post=)

ahahah okayy..talking bout my new kawanbaikku,iwin..in my top 10 list and yes he is like super honoured now lol..
he asked me to write 10 things good about him!OMG let me squeez my brain

ok heres some i guess xD

1) sangat baik punya orang
2)creative hahaha manyak artistic LOL
3)help ppl to solve prob good fren indeed hahhaha
4)vry vry into his ah girl*in process*
5)plays musical instruments
6)and suprisingly i found of this guy LOVES TO BAKE!
7)dei my brain stuck==..bleach lover!
8)very crazy guy he can be dam emo,he can be dam happy
9)and he told me got manyak org chase him hahahah good or bad?idk u lahhh
10)vry goood in studies??HAHHA i dont know this..ohh i know dy..CURI DRIVE!

ok this guy..knew him from tdc-x camp hahaha..vry funny,laugh alot 1,and i guess he's the only 1 i kept contact with him till now..him,debbbb and anak murid wp seldom chat with anak murid and debbb dy=(...

hahah alright mister iwin..hahahah good luck in ur 2 more days in waiting for her hahhaha
rmb laugh like shit =D

and dude!good luck in chasing ah girl =D

happy birthday to
my dearest=)

hope you enjoy your birthday alright although i cant celebrate with you><

p/s:you're older again! xD


happy birthday to my partner in crime!!!

did u enjoy being tortured today?XDD

wahahah lmao!

*inside joke*

lols..happy burpday dude!

ps:rmb what we saw outside the toilet!

talking bout yesterday.meeting as usual!eee suck!=(

meng's mum fetched us todayyy..she tapao-ed for me too wow!thx auntyy!

haha and guess what..i left my phone in meng yee's car when we got down for tuition lmao!

well gt it back lah fetched meng yee back and took my phone xD wee!hahah

and btw seriously
mister JB didnt teach us yesterday

meng yee,daniel and me was like wth!!!where is JB==

the teacher that replaced JB for yesterday was like zomg..shiittt=.=..i nearly fell asleep and really i couldnt get what he said that much..guessed he's nt the type of teacher that we liked LOLLL

after meng yee asked the counter and we gt to know that JB will come back to teach us nxt week

dont ever scare us lol~


went to other school today as supporter for meng yee,yin ming and wi hong
lmao.great experience though most of the time its boringg..seriously boring til can sleep when its pidato.and cant take out my phone that much=(

so i'll just sit there and read sotry book ahaha.

anyway they gt 3rd place.nt bad lahh=)

will post the pic up when i gt time

dam tired now=)